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Bioflow Magnetic Dog Collars



Bioflow Magnetic Bracelets

Bioflow magnetic bracelets and wristbands with the unique patented Bioflow Central Reverse Polarity (CRP) mulit-directional magnet technology.

Magnetic therapy from Bioflow is used by customers worldwide. Bioflow magnetic bracelets and wristbands are stylish and beautifully made, providing style and magnet therapy in a range of quality products.

magnetic dog collars All Bioflow products carry a manufacturer lifetime guarantee on the magnetic properties.

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    Bioflow Magnetic Bracelets

Bioflow Magnetic Bracelets

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Magnetic Joint & Body Supports

Magnetic joint & body supports include high quality permanent ceramic domed magnets. Each product is designed with the optimum number and strength of magnetic module. Precision manufactured with Neoprene to provide excellent support and soothing magnet therapy. click here for joint supports.

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Magnetic Water ConditionerMagnetic Water Conditioner

Magnetic Water Conditioner

Magnetic hard water conditioner.

The EcoMagnet™ magnetic water conditioner uses the latest 4 pole magnet technology in super-grade ceramic material.

The EcoMagnet™ magnetic water conditioner is easily fitted, with no cutting of pipes, no maintenance, no power supply.

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Magnetic Water Conditioner

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Ecoflow plc. Ecomagnets is an independent Ecoflow distributor for Bioflow magnetic bracelets and wristbands including the Bioflow Reflex, Bioflow Alpha, Bioflow Classic, Bioflow Active, Bioflow Adventure, Bioflow Explorer, Bioflow Ultra, Bioflow Executive, the range includes magnetic bracelets including the Bioflow Duo, Bioflow Duet, Bioflow Monet, Bioflow Elite, Bioflow Finesse, Bioflow Pirouette. Bioflow magnotherapy and magnet therapy and magnetic therapy and magnetic bracelets, magnetic dog collar and magnetic cat collar and Bioflow magnetic horse boots. Other magnetic devices include the Ecoflow magnetic water conditioners, the H2flow and Vitaflow, and Ecoflow magnetic fuel saver devices such as the Motoflow and Thermoflow. Bioflow, H2flow, Thermoflow and Motoflow are registered trademarks of Ecoflow plc.